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2 years ago


After advertising in SH for 4 or 5 guys gang fuck I finally found a suitable group. I quickly set up for the sexiest man to pick me up and me to a quiet place in the forest where we could not find the other room I spent all afternoon preparing, I'm still young, in my twenties and a very fashionable dresser. I have no problem going through a little girl, as I am thin and very pretty. I shaved my asshole slut and especially pink dressed like a real bitch. I wore white knee-high boots with a skirt that barely covered my ass and a small TV. He has my tarty makeup and was very confused... walked down the street and stood on the corner smoking a cigarette, Dave stopped. David winked at me and in me has driven me to the woods to make small talk, he was very madmamas good and I calmed down. We stopped in the parking lot and saw others standing around cars and girls. I got up and lit a cigarette before posing and let the kids in my eye. I sat on the hood of the car and SMOprevocatively ked... I put out my cigarette and went to Dave and he snogged passionately then bent down and began to blow. How did I put on my skirt and began to see the ass of the fingers madmamas guys. The other guys cocks and soon I was sucking Dave again as edges and stretched girl 's ass. He then worked April 3 fingers in me and I feel like grabbing a real bitch. Then he lay down on all fours on a picnic table and pulled me out of my anus, as the boys turn to spit lubricating oil and poured into me. I had started asking dave dick and fuck me while I have two cocks at once cut in the mouth, almost. Dave fucked me really hard, and then retired and took over my ass and rock. The madmamas next man leaned over me and slid into me from behind and beat my ass when I got back and tickled the balls, while sucking another cock. It was not long before he madmamas ran across the ass. Type I is absorbed by the tight ass and fucked me whileobserved other and called me a whore dirty. To prove it was, I turned the last type, then took the boys standing in my madmamas mouth that was in my ass and made madmamas him pull my throat... rimming the guy that lead me to a madmamas disused public toilet and took me inside. He told me to take off his clothes and lie on the floor. I did that, and fell on his back. He lifted her legs and fucked me missionary, like the other guys upset at my bare chest and tail. I came as a whore, but a madmamas submission was once! With a gasp of man came inside me. The last guy I got up, leaned over the sink and took me like two separate types and made me lose my ass so hard i squeeled ! He bit his shoulder and walked into my ass. He slipped and I licked the cum from his cock. David took my underwear and shoved them into my anus to stop the flow madmamas of sperm... David then takes me back to the picnic table and leaned on it. There was a huge dildo in her car and slowly pulled the pAnties of my anus and into his mouth. I loved it and sucked the semen when I slowly fucked with huge dildo ! It was not long before I came and shouted across the table. David, of course, licking it clean me again as a bitch I am! boys, said thanks and left, and Dave took me home. But I let it go and fuck your ass brave in front of me again with my underwear! Thanks Dave xxx

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